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Hvordan kommer du ud af RKI ?

Lån med RKI

If you are registered in the RKI, then you may also be interested in. Unfortunately, it is a difficult situation for you, but it does not mean you can not get a loan even if you are in the RKI.

For RKI is with some loans, and it can take advantage of, and get a new loan even if you are RKI recorded. For those who do not know what RKI is, it stands for Riber Credit Information, and a list of what we call "bad debt" - it is now owned by the named Experian. You can be a poor pay for many different reasons, but the most common reason is that you have misvedligeholdt a loan her.


How to get a loan when you are RKI recorded

Enough about what RKI really is, for it, you know, already a lot about - let's cut to the chase and show you how to get a loan even if you are RKI recorded. There are some lending institutions that allow you to take a loan from them even if you are in the RKI.

These lending institutions offer a lot of mortgage or other large loan, kan få and at the boliglån mens er i RKIHowever, you can get loans from around 300,000 kronor if you are RKI - However, you must usually provide a sikkehed.

The easiest way to Lane penge mens er i RKI is to have a chat with your som søger en god bank Here you can tell your plan and why they should help you, and even answer yes to that you face in RKI, so you'll see all the lending institutions who would like to give you credit - even if you are in the RKI. After the financial crisis, it has been somewhat difficult to get a yes to this.


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